The Fault in our Wars

In the past few weeks, we’ve read and heard of the fight against COVID19, the war that has just begun, the battles that we’ve won and the losses that we’ve sustained. We’ve seen people create incredible art, music, show commitment and dedication towards keeping spirits up, and also read about how we don’t have to […]

Adveka’s 2016 journey

Adveka Foundation was established in October 2015 with the goal of working towards promoting mental health and wellbeing in every section of the society, eradicating the stigma and shame attached to mental illness, and advocating and facilitating uniform accessibility to mental health services for people from all economic backgrounds, gender and religion. In the year […]

Caregiver stories – #1

For as long as Tanvi can remember, her father used to drink. It was a fact of her life. Her father drank. Socially at first, but soon, he was drinking every day, at home or outside, despite her mother’s increasingly aggressive opposition — a glass, a pint, a bottle. It took a toll on her […]