Saath – (Caregiver Counselling)

When it comes to individuals who suffer from severe health issues, it is their loved ones who suffer the most. Most often, we forget that while the patient suffers an illness, it is the caregivers who have to deal with the stress of the situation. Sometimes caregivers have to be alert and vigilant all times of the day and night to ensure the wellbeing of the patient. This makes caregivers susceptible to anxiety, depression and other forms of mental illnesses. Most often they hardly understand the situation and rarely know how to deal with it.

The Saath program conducts support groups with caregivers of different mental and physical health issues. We build a support system, which enhances a caregiver’s strength to cope with the situation. The program helps caregivers understand themselves and their situations better by creating a space where members find support and encouragement from people going through similar situations. A group usually consists of 5 to 12 individuals who are taking care of patients of the same health issues. Sessions are conducted with the caregivers on themes that are most relevant to them such as guilt, anger, frustration, communication, etc., with the sole goal to address their mental health issues. The Saath program focuses entirely on maintaining the mental health of the caregiver, so that they are better equipped to take care of their patient.