Founder and CEO


M.Sc in Health Psychology and MA in Counselling Psychology

Maitreyi has an MSc in Psychological Approaches to Health from the University of Leeds (UK), and an MA in Counseling Psychology from SNDT University. She also holds a Diploma in Arts Based Therapy and is an NLP Practitioner. She began her career working with cancer patients for their rehabilitation. Maitreyi has also worked alongside a psychiatrist, counseling children and adults dealing with various mental health issues. She then worked with Aangan Trust, an NGO that works towards child protection. During her time at Aangan, she was promoted to State Coordinator for Maharashtra. Maitreyi was responsible for the implementation of programs, overseeing work in children’s homes and observation homes including building relationships with various stakeholders to ensure successful rehabilitation and repatriation of the children.


Maitreyi has seen first hand the effects of mental illnesses on caregivers. Her personal experiences taught her that there are several organizations that work towards rehabilitation of individuals suffering from mental health issues, but none that support the caregivers. Thus, from very early in life, Maitreyi had decided to work in the social sector supporting the caregivers of individuals suffering from mental health issues. Studying psychology came automatically to her. Thus, with education, life experiences, and interactions with other social workers and psychologists, Maitreyi expanded her vision to include not only the individual and the caregiver but also stakeholders like educational institutions, NGOs, corporates and the government. She also realized that research and advocacy must play an equal part in this process. Adveka Foundation was born from this vision.