The world of work involves so much more than what our position specifies. We spend most of our day thinking about our work (or how to avoid it) and gravely underestimate the impact that it has on our mental well-being. Here are 5 tips to deal with pesky issues that bother us about our work.


Tip 1: Giving & Receiving Feedback

Receiving feedback can be scary and demotivating at times. When on the receiving end of any feedback, keep yourself separate from your work. Ask for a constructive point on what to do next. The motive isn’t to embarrass/insult you. When giving feedback, hold off on unflattering comparisons and focus entirely on the work in front of you.


Tip 2: Work-life balance

We all know that it is important to leave work at work, but it isn’t all that easy. If getting into the flow takes a while, getting out of it will too! We can’t always be switched on and off when at work and stepping out of it. Rather than switching off when we walk out of office, it might be easier to unwind during the commute (like a regulator) and use that time to turn down the dial, one notch at a time.

Tip 3: Prioritising tasks   

Sometimes, work piles up so much that we become overwhelmed and decide to do nothing at all. During those times, it helps to do one simple task first – such as organising your desk, or making a to-do list. Doing one task makes us feel more productive, because we just accomplished something. It renews our self-confidence in tackling all our work one by one. Prioritising our tasks based on their importance and urgency can help us to tackle that pile and get things done.


Tip 4: Feeling stuck

As children, we dreamt of a perfect job where we did what loved and saved the world while doing it. If you’re feeling stuck in your current job because it is a far cry from what you had in mind for your dream job (even if not the childhood version of it), pause and take stock of whether this job is truly serving any purpose in the larger picture. What do you want from your dream job (that you aren’t getting at your present one)? What is stopping you from moving towards it? How can you overcome these obstacles?

The feeling of stuck-ness can give us clarity, should we choose to explore it. Let it guide your way to a better future for yourself!


Tip 5: Handling burnout

Sometimes, it seems as though everything has come together – work, responsibilities, unexpected stressors – and we simply cannot cope with them all. During these times, we have to recognise that we definitely need a break to clear our heads and get ourselves back together. The work will wait – but our mind and body need us more. Take a break free of guilt!



Work comes with its own demands and deadlines, but we need to recognize when we have had enough for a time. Talk to your superior about managing stress, improving communication and fostering a positive work environment. If you feel that your stress is too entwined with your workplace, then get a transfer or another job. You matter more than your ability to work. Never forget!


This article has been written by Ms Nandita Seshadri, a therapist, and integral part of Adveka Foundation.

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