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Adveka Foundation was born on 1st October 2015, out of a vision of Founder & CEO, Maitreyi Nigwekar- a mental health professional, and Caregiver. A caregiver to her father during her teenage years, she knew first-hand the hardships of looking after the needs of another. Every member of Team Adveka understands the struggle that comes with a mental illness. For some, it is a personal struggle that they deal with and bounce back from daily. This acute understanding of mental illnesses, personal experiences of being a Caregiver, knowledge of the problem and its solution, puts Adveka in a unique position from where it can make a positive impact on individuals through its many intervention programs. Adveka Foundation acknowledges and celebrates the uniqueness of each individual. Just like the intricate designs made by the veins on leaves are unique to every leaf, the way the mind processes and responds to situations is also unique to every individual. Every person has their own special ways of dealing with their surroundings. Through individual counselling and support groups, Adveka empowers the individuals to use their uniqueness to their advantage and build strategies and capacities to solve their problems.


Programs offered by Adveka Foundation..


Personal Counselling – We provide personal counselling services to men, women as well as children. We also conduct projective testing such as the Thematic Apperception Test, Children’s Apperception Test, Draw a Person Test, Kinetic Family Drawing, etc. to help in planned, focused, and wholesome individual based therapy.

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Caregiver Counselling – When it comes to individuals who suffer from severe health issues, it is their loved ones who suffer the most. Most often, we forget that while the patient suffers an illness, it is the caregivers who have to deal with the stress of the situation. Sometimes caregivers have to be alert and vigilant […]

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Stakeholder Engagement – Mental Health affects every part of an individual’s life. It influences our confidence and productivity. While the individual understands this and is working towards his/her own betterment, it is also important that their surroundings are made conducive for their wellbeing. This can be made possible only with collaborative efforts between the government, corporate […]

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  • “After the sessions, I have realised that to take care of self is not selfishness… I have learnt a different way to speak to people and explain to them what I want to say or discuss.”


    Parent of a child with special needs
  • “I learnt how to cope up with negative things at the workplace and in personal life. We learnt self care techniques that will be used in life.”

    “It will help us for our professional and personal life too self care, all activities were useful.”

    “Importance of self care and insight about burnout (was most useful).”

    “I like the overall flow and content of the session. Everything was useful.”



    Individuals of an NGO that works in the area of child sexual abuse
  • “The facilitation was done well and that ensured that all the participants were connected to the topic being discussed. The concepts were done in a manner that was easy to relate to and apply in their daily lives.”


    Management of an NGO that works in the area of Child Sexual Abuse
  • “Everything was based on logic, nothing was not useful!”

    “Very practical in approach… I got to learn how to manage my burnout.”

    “The energy of the facilitators throughout the session and how they positively passed it to us was amazing.”

    “The workshop has helped me to cope with the emotional stress of caring for a patient. I’ve started taking time out for self-care and I’m feeling happier.”

    “Through the fun activities we sincerely understood the content and information…”

    Cuddles Foundation

    Dieticians, Cuddles Foundation
  • “Sessions are very active…very happy and proud to see how the dieticians were using the tools given by you”.

    “Sessions were perfectly in balance.”

    Cuddles Foundation


Our Family

Nandita Seshadri

Therapist See bio

Gauri Sarda Joshi

Social Psychologist, Educator, Blogger and Advisory Member See bio

Chrysoberyl Lawrence

Advisory Member See bio

Seerat Kaur Dhillon

Trustee See bio

Rajshree Faria

Therapist & Official Wingman See bio

Pooja Nair

Advisory Member See bio

Maitreyi Sharad Nigwekar

Founder and CEO See bio

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Adveka Foundation is a non- profit, non-governmental organisation [Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950, No. E-33893, Mumbai] that works for Mental Health. Our work focuses on the mental well-being of Caregivers of people with different physical and mental health issues. A Caregiver is a person who is responsible for the needs of another person.

Your contribution helps Adveka Foundation to continue its work for better mental health of caregivers, for which the Foundation and its caregivers are thankful and grateful.

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